African decor

Give An Imperial Look To Your Home By Opting For African Decor

The continent of Africa is populated by people of diverse cultures and this diversity is very much "visible" in their limitless designs and home decor. There appears to be "a sense of free creativity" in the African home decor. The most common characteristics of African decor are richness, boldness and most importantly, depth. The main focus is on inner comfort and prosperity and also what is popularly called as "earthliness". Unlike the Western home decor in which light colors are used, the African home decor involves bright and bold colors. They do not hesitate to use deep as well as multiple colors also. Items that are made of heavy, dark woods, clothes that are hand-painted and woven pieces are the common items used in African home decor. Simply put, there is a royal tone blended with luxury in the designs and items used in this style of decor that may give an imperial feeling to your home.

Amazingly, you have various African home decor styles that may suit both modern and traditional tastes. You have the option to choose a minimalist style or an eclectic one. Many of the textures and colors of the African fabrics and items like carvings or art work can easily be incorporated and blended with the contemporary style.

Perhaps since most of the African continent still remains unspoiled by the avarice of man, the decor is mostly inspired by the rich flora and fauna of the place. So, wild animals, fabrics with rich colors and wood carvings play a significant role in the African theme of home decor. People belonging to many other countries have been inspired by the African home decor because they may have been fascinated by the African safari and the rich cultural history of the continent.

If you observe keenly, you will find that animals that belong to this continent are the central theme used in their artwork as well as fabrics. African elephants, giraffes, leopards, lions and zebras seem to find a place in almost all the fabrics and wood carvings. The colors used in these fabrics and artworks are neutral like grey, brown, beige, white and black and they can add beauty to the walls of your home. Of course, there are people who may like a dramatic and bright splash and they can get their wall painted with red so as to showcase their mahogany mask that is dark or their zebra curtains that are black or white. Many people think that by using artworks with the theme of wild beasts in the home decor, feelings like strength and virility and also power will pervade their houses.

In earlier times, bead-work used to be famous in Africa but this is a dying craft because this skill has not been properly passed on to the younger generations. But, even now, beads are used for making items like lamp shades, bowls, etc. African craftsmen make even wall hangings and napkin rings using such beads. You can use these artworks as decorative items so that your home will get an African ethnic touch.

You have several textile options also for using African home decor for your home. Zimbabwe is famous for hand painted and batiked items like pillow cases, place mats, etc. You can have table cloths and runners also with these hand painted options. If you want to have a culturally rich look in your house, you can use Mali mud cloth that is handwoven. A quilt of Weya story or a hand-appliqued Asafo flag can be good wall hangings for your home. Likewise, a sculpted bowl that is well-crafted will add attraction to your dining table. Other decorative pieces are artifacts like leather purses as well as pouches that are hand-made, walking sticks, warrior masks, shields, smoking pipes, etc.

If you do a good research and buy original pieces of decorative items of Africa, you will enhance the looks of your home and simultaneously, you will help improve the struggling economy of the countries of this continent.