Bedroom decor

Who doesn't like a Bed, all crisp and clean, pure white! The thought itself is enough to send us to a half-asleep state of mind. The second best thing talked about that helps in getting a good night's rest is a set of luxurious bed-sheets, the first being a good and sturdy bed. Travelers consider bedding as the top-most priority prior to making hotel bookings. Most hotels have caught on from earlier days, and do invest in luxury bedding to keep complaints at bay. Steam-ironing is included in most professional laundering services. This keeps the top sheet flat over the blanket, when folded. The top quality bed-sheets feel soft, and light, with a satin finish. They also come with a wide range of decorative edging. White and Ivory colored sheets are preferred the most, by most people. But, some people stay away from white sheets, as it reminds them of hospitals.

Make your bedroom as beautiful as possible. Maintain it clutter free; free from bills, newspapers, or junk mail, exercise machines, and computers. Keep media devices away from bedroom, such a TV. However, music is advised for some mood-based activities. Try to avoid working from your bedroom. Lighting should be adequate to support reading in bed. Serene paintings on walls are also recommended.

Paint your bedroom walls in soothing colors, and keep away from glaring complementary colors and patterns. Good window coverings are important in bedrooms, and so are proper lighting that can dim your bedroom, and be turned off to pitch black for a good night's rest. Make sure to have a strong headboard, with good throw pillows for some pop of color. Personal photos could be displayed on night stands or dressers. Fresh cut flowers add a touch of freshness to the bedroom.