10 hacks to make space look bigger

Hang a mirror across from a window. This will maximize the amount of light reflection into the room. Another good spot for a mirror is across from a doorway. This will give your room the perception of more depth.

Hang your curtain rod closes to the ceiling

Maximum natural light: rooms with a lot of natural daylight often appear larger to the eye.

Wall color
Often the best choice for a small room is to paint the walls very light or very dark.

keep wall decor and furniture to a minimum

opt for only one focal point in the room

Home decor and accents


Dear Decor Team - Thanks!

Dear Decor Team I just wanted to pass on thanks on behalf of Jess for the containers you sent her.

Contemporary decor

Geometric Shapes and Sleek Designs of Contemporary Style decorating Give The Connoisseur Pleasure

Many people may want to decorate their homes with contemporary and modern style. At the same time, there are people who think that warmth is lacking in modern style because it is aimed at having minimalist designs. Perhaps, the opinion of these people is due to the fact that there is absolute clarity in this style and so, they find it both illuminating and unsettling. But, the fact is that contemporary home decor is intended to provide good comfort to the inhabitants by keeping the homes or offices uncluttered. If you want to achieve this aim, you should bear in mind a few rules.

Home decorating

Using patterns:
Use one large scaled pattern dominate over one medium scaled floral. Also, use a geometric pattern in the mix. Try using the same pattern in windows, on walls and on furnishings. Kids rooms can be decorated with disney themes patterns or characters, and also wall papers.

Playing with texture: Use smooth and refined textures as much as possible. It is best to use elegant and smooth textures in feminine rooms. Rugged and tweedy textures look best in masculine rooms/spaces. Large rooms can handle heavy textures.