Decor How To's

Creating a healthier home

The way we style our homes can make a psychological impact on our lives. Here are some ways we can bring change into our homes in order to boost our health and well-being. 1. Colored dinnerware: Use colored plates and bowls, instead of using white ones for better portion control. 2. Smaller glassware and bowls: This reduces chances of overeating. 3. Wash linens often: It is better to wash linen on a weekly basis to get rid of bacteria and dust-mites. 4. Thermostat control: Turn down the thermostat at night for better health. 5. Add Greenery: Make use of natural plants like chrysanthemums to improve air quality, as they are the best in absorbing pollutants. It is healthier to add some greenery in your home decor since plants give off oxygen. 6. Build a home playlist: It is common knowledge that music is a great stress-buster. So why not create a home playlist to relax and drown out loud street noise? 7. Charging station: Create an area for your devices-charging station outside your bedrooms, so the flicker of your device won't throw off your circadian rhythm during your sleep.

Metallic paint

Metallic paints could be rolled, brushed, sprayed, or sponged on most surfaces. Both acrylic or water-based metallic paints could be used through out the house. Do some research and find out if your choice of paint is apt for the task at hand. Not all paints can be applied to any surface. Metallic paints for wood surfaces are also available. To achieve a translucent look, you can mix glazing liquid to the paint.


Home exterior color

Home exterior colors should blend with the terrain and the landscape of your neighborhood. Paint companies market neutral and tame colors for the exterior and save the bold and vibrant colors for the indoors. It is better to choose exterior colors wisely making sure it blends well with the community. For ideas, consider browsing through some websites such as Sherwin-Williams' The home's materials must be considered before narrowing down on an exterior color palette. Pay attention of the color of the roof, the stone and brick.

Fall home decor

Fall Home Decor - Window Treatments Think of your home’s windows as its beautiful eyes; now think of window treatments as some sort of makeup or eye treatment you could be applying to these “eyes” to make them look more appealing. This fall, you have no reason not to handle all the decorating that you can – and window shades or coverings should be some of the main items on your list. You owe it to your home and you also owe it to yourself to look and feel good inside your own castle. On short, window treatments come in many shapes and sizes.

What's in a Home Decorator's bag?

Here is a list of things that most professional home decorators use: Measuring tape - A retractable steel tape, 25 foot long. Nail kit: Keep a set of various sizes for all kinds of tasks. Notebook: A small notebook for sketching and note taking. Magic hem: Iron-on magic hem from craft stores, that creates seams without sewing. Glue gun: Keep it handy for many decorating purposes. Hammer: A must in every household! Pins: Both straight pins and safety pins (for drapes/curtains). Screwdriver set: Keep several sizes in your tool kit. Also keep many sizes of screws.

Home decorating quick tips

Fix your budget Make an action plan Use a computer drawn program or draw a floor plan by hand. Do you have a preference? Contemporary or Traditional home decor? Surf the internet and get an idea of products to shop for. Buy bigger pieces of furniture first, and save the accessories for last. Buy functional and decorative accents.

10 Hacks to make a small space look bigger

Hang a mirror across from a window. This will maximize the amount of light reflection into the room. Another good spot for a mirror is across from a doorway. This will give your room the perception of more depth.

Hang your curtain rod closes to the ceiling

Maximum natural light: rooms with a lot of natural daylight often appear larger to the eye.

Wall color
Often the best choice for a small room is to paint the walls very light or very dark.

keep wall decor and furniture to a minimum

opt for only one focal point in the room

Tips for updating kitchens and baths

Tips for updating kitchens and baths for maximum style and functional impact. Raise the bar with a new shower rod Style and storage makeover Turn boring into beautiful with a backsplash Say hello to kitchen hardware

How to make your new place feel like home

Give the wall a personal touch
Tackle the decor! Paint the walls, use decal, wallpapers.

Get creative with DIY projects
Use monogrammed DIY piece of art by your front door. Personalize your decor!

Add a gallery wall
Add some personal photographs, sprinkle them around throughout the entire space.

Don't forget the dust bunnies
Use a Swiffer sweeper with the base turned sideways to clean the baseboards.

Staging your home for resale

Tips for staging your home for resale:

1. Remove all stuff. Strip down rooms, leaving only big pieces.
2. Declutter
3. Depersonalize
4. Deep clean
5. Donate
6. Purge & Trash
7. Find places for treasures that really matter

Clear the decks Declutter and depersonalize

Deep clean:
Kitchen and bathrooms should sparkle!

Arrange rooms with a purpose:
Arrange furniture for function, and traffic flow.