Contemporary decor

Geometric Shapes and Sleek Designs of Contemporary Style decorating Give The Connoisseur Pleasure

Many people may want to decorate their homes with contemporary and modern style. At the same time, there are people who think that warmth is lacking in modern style because it is aimed at having minimalist designs. Perhaps, the opinion of these people is due to the fact that there is absolute clarity in this style and so, they find it both illuminating and unsettling. But, the fact is that contemporary home decor is intended to provide good comfort to the inhabitants by keeping the homes or offices uncluttered. If you want to achieve this aim, you should bear in mind a few rules.

The basic rule is that the decor should be simple with a subtle sophistication. The suffocating clutter that is found in other styles will not be there in this style. This becomes possible because you will be using only sleek and geometric pieces with clean lines. Fundamentally, contemporary home decor is intended mainly to showcase space and not items. This means that you should use the appropriate colors in the available space and focus on sleek items with geometric shapes that can bring freshness to your home.

As far as the colors are concerned, you should use only neutrals as well as white in contemporary home decor. You can use black also to ground because black is said to play a prominent role in contemporary decoration. Since the walls will have neutral colors, they serve as an excellent backdrop for bold and bright accessories. If you use pastels for walls or windows, you should use neutrals for trims. If you use bright and bold colors for walls, you should use neutrals in other places.

The most distinctive attribute of contemporary home decor is the use of geometric shapes and pieces that give a sleek appearance to your home. Lines play an important role in the geometric shapes that are used in wall arts as well as sculpture. Another important element is the empty space that is usually found on walls, in the gaps between one furniture and another, ceilings, etc. In fact, empty space is as important as areas that have objects in them. So, you must use less items in contemporary home decor. This means that there is complete absence of forced items and this itself will make your home wonderfully charming. But, you should ensure that every piece you use stands out and is unique.

Even the structural elements should be different in this style of home decor. For example, you can allow the air ducts to hang from the ceiling, you can have broken bricks because they signify stability and have the plumbing pipes remain exposed. If you paint these structural elements with bold and contrasting colors or if you allow them to blend with walls, they will look more attractive.

The furniture you use should also have geometric and seamlessly smooth shapes without curves in this style of home decor. You should not have excessive furniture and make the space cluttered. If you want to have upholstered furniture, you should ensure to have them in white, black or neutral colors. It is better to use natural fibers for making them. The colors of the fabrics you use on them should also be black, neutral or bold. In general, cotton, wool, silk and jute fabrics are used on these furniture. The legs of sofas, chairs or ottomans should remain exposed.

To put it in a nutshell, in contemporary style of home decor, clutter is not allowed. Each item used is distinct and that is what gives the connoisseur pleasure. There should not be excessive curves also. Geometric shapes and sleek designs are preferred in this style of home decor.