Asian decor

Home Decor in Asia - A Few Tips

There are too many styles of home decor to count. Among them, Asian style holds a pride of place because of its endless varieties. Asian style of home decor originates from China, Japan, India, Thailand, Mongolia and all the other nations of Asia.

Asian home decor encompasses everything related to a home including the colors, the furniture, the garden and so on. There are different types of architecture in Asia that can be adopted in the furniture of a home decorated with the Asian theme. Every piece of furniture used in your home like the side table, media stand, coffee table, etc. can be made into exquisite showpieces using various types of architecture. You should keep in mind that Asian home decor is intended not only to be natural but to connect you to your spiritual core. It is also intended to usher in a peaceful energy and vibration into your abode.

If you have enough space for a garden, you have great choices to make in Asian home decor. You can sprinkle pebbles wherever you can and design the place appropriately so that you can convert it into a Zen garden.

In many Asian countries including India, vibrant, bold and bright colors are used. But, if you want to give your home a Chinese influence, you can use more neutral colors. Same is the case with Japanese style of home decor also.

One of the commonest Asian decor items is a bust or statue of Buddha. This is said to create a Zen-like, relaxed ambiance in your home. Motifs created by leaf, bamboo, etc., lamps made of paper and products that conform to Chinoserie style can also be used to rediscover Asia's ageless and unique home decor styles and enhance the beauty of your home.

Before you begin using Asian decor in your home, you should investigate and research thoroughly so that you have a clear understanding of this style of decor. During your study, you will come to know that this style involves the right proportion of the items you use and their aesthetic simplicity. This style recognizes the fact that colors have the capacity to affect you emotionally. You may wonder how this simple and elegant style of decor is able to bring in not only excitement and harmony but spirituality and serenity also. If you can afford, you can have sleek and opulent carvings at appropriate places of your home.

The following tips may help you in using Asian decor in your home effectively.

- You should not over-stuff your home with decorative pieces, accessories and furniture. The items you have should be limited and should add meaning to your idea of adding beauty and elegance to your home. In other words, your aim is to maximize the visual impact and create the mood you desire to have at your home.

- You can use items like beautiful wood elements, attractive pottery, plants, medallions, paper scrolls, etc. appropriately for bringing in the right emotions and theme to your home. You can use silks also at the right places.

- The colors you use on the walls, windows, furniture, floor, accessories and the ceiling should be natural and should blend with the natural light that is available inside your home.

- Your choice of the art items and accessories should also blend with the theme you have opted for. You can try using vases or jars, a silk lamp shade, a food basket that is multi-tiered, a painted box and so on. Many people use a Buddha statue in a reclining posture for enhancing the serenity of their homes.

There are various books available on Asian home decor. You can also find many articles on the Internet that may be very much useful.

You can try fusion of the Asian home decor with various other styles also so that you can create a unique theme that suits your home.