Creating a healthier home

The way we style our homes can make a psychological impact on our lives. Here are some ways we can bring change into our homes in order to boost our health and well-being. 1. Colored dinnerware: Use colored plates and bowls, instead of using white ones for better portion control. 2. Smaller glassware and bowls: This reduces chances of overeating. 3. Wash linens often: It is better to wash linen on a weekly basis to get rid of bacteria and dust-mites. 4. Thermostat control: Turn down the thermostat at night for better health. 5. Add Greenery: Make use of natural plants like chrysanthemums to improve air quality, as they are the best in absorbing pollutants. It is healthier to add some greenery in your home decor since plants give off oxygen. 6. Build a home playlist: It is common knowledge that music is a great stress-buster. So why not create a home playlist to relax and drown out loud street noise? 7. Charging station: Create an area for your devices-charging station outside your bedrooms, so the flicker of your device won't throw off your circadian rhythm during your sleep.