Decor in Hindu homes

Marriage of Tradition With Innovation During Decoration of Homes For Diwali 2012

Festivals are a happy confluence of many good things. They are no longer seen as mere rituals. In fact, people see festivals as occasions to renew relationships because people still believe personal relationships will do a world of good to their lives.

Among all the Indian festivals, Diwali has a magical place. Even days or months before this Festival of Lights, Indians start planning for it. Being the citizens of a truly secular country where you can see "a medley of faces" belonging to various religions, even people of other faiths join the Hindus in celebrating this great festival. Even Indians who live abroad plan for celebrating this festival with great fervor.

Since Diwali is a very important festival, many automotive manufacturers are planning to release new models of cars during Diwali 2012. Likewise, many banks and financial institutions are making announcements of various offers and discounts in their home loans, car loans, etc. They are planning to extend loans for buying gold and so on. Likewise, cloth manufacturers and designers have also announced various attractive and captivating designs that may enhance the stunning beauty of women, men and children.

People specifically focus on decorating their homes before Diwali. Since Diwali 2012 will mark a new beginning in everyone's life, people are gearing up to procure new home decor items. They are using their creativity and coming out with innovative ideas so that festivity and gaiety around their homes increase like never before. But, at the same time, almost all the people are making sure that the decorative items they use keep up with the deep-rooted tradition of the festival.

Diwali 2012 is expected to usher in a new beginning and so, people may like to invoke the blessings of Lord Ganesha. Since this festival is also considered the Festival of Goddess Lakshmi, they will invoke Her blessings also. So, new wall hangings with images and photos of Lord Ganesha as well as Goddess Lakshmi that can be hung at appropriate places for decorating homes are already being sold in the markets. Textile shops are selling many decorative cloth spreads with various designs and embroideries because these are also used in various homes.

As is the usual custom, people will be giving various types of gift items to others during Diwali 2012 also. Many of the households will gift decorative items like beautiful door hangings to friends, relatives, colleagues, team-mates and others. Some people call these door hangings as Torans and a few others call them as Bandhanwars. These decorative pieces that are hand-crafted and that have been beautified with embroidery designs, various images, beads, etc. are occupying the shelves of many stores. Some of these items are embellished with pieces of mirrors, bells, shells, etc. also.

This year's Diwali will see idols of Lakshmi and Ganesha in various new forms. Since buyers of these decorative and sacred idols belong to different income groups, they are being brought out in various price ranges and sizes. Those who can afford can buy idols made of silver, brass or other expensive metals also.

Candles and lamps are always an attraction because Diwali is the Festival of Lights. During Diwali 2012, you will see various new designs of candles and lamps. They are not only decorative items but they bring a sanctified ambiance to the homes. Makers of these candles and lamps have already flooded the market with innovative and artistic items. Lamps made of metals like brass and aluminum as well as other materials like marble and glass are also available in the market.

With all these beautiful home decor items and many other attractions, it is certain that Diwali 2012 will be remembered with warm nostalgia for many years.