Fall home decor

Fall Home Decor - Window Treatments Think of your home’s windows as its beautiful eyes; now think of window treatments as some sort of makeup or eye treatment you could be applying to these “eyes” to make them look more appealing. This fall, you have no reason not to handle all the decorating that you can – and window shades or coverings should be some of the main items on your list. You owe it to your home and you also owe it to yourself to look and feel good inside your own castle. On short, window treatments come in many shapes and sizes. Interior decoration elements that can be placed on, around or in and even over your windows all stand for excellent window treatment ideas. They can both ensure your home is much better insolated and able to better preserve heat and also boost the aesthetics of your place. Below you will find a series of top-notch ideas that should help you at least build a database of choices to look into. Opt for minimal window treatments. You could start by stripping away all of your heavy, dusty coverings and have them replaced with some simpler shades. You can think about using upholstered cornices – this is one fine idea to put a pin in, as it can help you use less fabric and hence save money, while enjoying a nice new fall décor. Speaking of fabrics, take some time and figure out what sort of colors you are most fond of. Orange or yellow shades that remind you of autumn leaves could make for some good ideas to start with. Contemporary colors and tones such as terra cotta, green, gold or black could represent an excellent alternative as well. If you are thinking about naturally blending in your new window treatment with the rest of your home décor, you can always match these shades with the colors of your cushion seats. If you need to create the illusion of bigger spaces, use light colors that are cool and which can make your place look a lot brighter. Do the opposite for huge spaces that need to look and feel more inviting. Choose pleated shades for your kitchen and enable enough light to come through. If your windows are arched, no need to worry about that. You should be able to find plenty of viable choices as well. How about some bamboo or rattan window shades? Natural fiber and Roman-like textures are hot and trending right now, so you might also want to consider this option. If you feel that you somehow need to block all the bright light that is violating your bedroom privacy or your morning kitchen routine, make sure you purchase some wooden blinds or even some woven wood shades. Do not hesitate to allow your ideas to run wild from time to time and think about some curvy window treatments, instead of the plain straight or square ones. You could be either arching your valances or using curved cornices to do that.