10 Hacks to make a small space look bigger

Hang a mirror across from a window. This will maximize the amount of light reflection into the room. Another good spot for a mirror is across from a doorway. This will give your room the perception of more depth.

Hang your curtain rod closes to the ceiling

Maximum natural light: rooms with a lot of natural daylight often appear larger to the eye.

Wall color
Often the best choice for a small room is to paint the walls very light or very dark.

keep wall decor and furniture to a minimum

opt for only one focal point in the room

Small rooms with less furniture and decor feel open and bigger.

Limit clutter, removing things that are not needed in a room.

In your small space opt for furniture that is lighter in scale with visible legs that are slender.

Use furniture that do double duty; Ottomans and coffee tables with storage are a great idea

Big pieces of art in small rooms are effective in scaling up smaller rooms.

Use metallic accessories that reflect light and create and illusion of more space.

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