Home decorating: using color, texture, and patterns

Using patterns:
Use one large scaled pattern dominate over one medium scaled floral. Also, use a geometric pattern in the mix. Try using the same pattern in windows, on walls and on furnishings. Kids rooms can be decorated with disney themes patterns or characters, and also wall papers.

Playing with texture: Use smooth and refined textures as much as possible. It is best to use elegant and smooth textures in feminine rooms. Rugged and tweedy textures look best in masculine rooms/spaces. Large rooms can handle heavy textures.

Decorating with color: Large rooms can be colored with warmer tones of color. Cool colors tend to make a room look larger and spacious. Dark tones of colors make a room more cozier and warm. It is best to paint ceilings with light colors, than the walls and floors. Neutral colors look best on larger spaces like floors and big pieces of furniture, such as sofas. One bold color of choice could be used on smaller accent pieces. Smaller accent pieces in same color could be placed around the house, in various spaces.