Favorite Fall Foods

Favorite Fall Foods
If you are what they call a gourmand and you absolutely crave for pumpkin pie and apple cider, then you are probably nervously waiting for those fall menus to be once again brought to life inside your favorite pub or restaurant. What are the best foods you could be eating this season? Here are a few ideas that should be making you drool instantly.

Eating your fruits and vegetables is highly important no matter what the calendar says. But fall is extremely important due to the rich crop it offers us year after year. Apples, cranberries and tasty pumpkins are the main stars of autumn menus and there are tons of drinks and foods that are using their crucial contribution.

Pumpkin pie with a hint of cinnamon stands for one of the favorite foods of a lot of folks. Think of your Thanksgiving dinner; now imagine a table that is lacking your pumpkin pie dessert. Not able to visualize it just yet, right? How about some pumpkin roll and even some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies to go along with your regular autumn pie? How about some cinnamon French toast? Have you ever tried that? Cinnamon, along with some other popular fall spices are able to make the presence of the colder season easier to cope with. Spice bread and even spice cake are equally popular foods you too might be a fan of. If not, you can always try them out and see what gives.

Speaking of pie, let us not underestimate the importance of a nicely baked apple pie during fall. With so many fresh apples that have been just harvested, it would be a shame not to enjoy your sweet desserts regularly. Apple fritters and apple dumplings also stand for some excellent culinary choices. Apple cheesecake and apple crisp are additional foods you could be focusing your attention on, if you are a big apple fan.

Fall brings along some drops in the temperature, along with rich, tasty crops. One fine way of coping with these new temperatures is to eat spiced foods: chili con carne and cornbread, deer chili and potato soups or chicken noodle soups all stand for some great ideas to go along with. Beef stew and clam chowder also make for some excellent alternatives of foods that could help anyone feel warmer during the cold season. Stew with dumplings and homemade vegetable beef soup could also become part of your menu this fall, if you are thinking about focusing on eating foods that taste good and warm you up.

You could also try a rather exotic dish this fall: grapefruit mixed with greens, avocado and shrimp. If you are not familiar with the taste, you should definitely give it a try. You will be enjoying a fine meal and get 75% of the recommended intake of vitamin C for the day, plus some useful lycopene and pectin, which are good for your high cholesterol problems. Lycopene is also known to have an anti-cancerous affect and you can also find it in fresh tomatoes.