Decor How To's

How to make your new place feel like home

Give the wall a personal touch
Tackle the decor! Paint the walls, use decal, wallpapers.

Get creative with DIY projects
Use monogrammed DIY piece of art by your front door. Personalize your decor!

Add a gallery wall
Add some personal photographs, sprinkle them around throughout the entire space.

Don't forget the dust bunnies
Use a Swiffer sweeper with the base turned sideways to clean the baseboards.

Staging your home for resale

Tips for staging your home for resale:

1. Remove all stuff. Strip down rooms, leaving only big pieces.
2. Declutter
3. Depersonalize
4. Deep clean
5. Donate
6. Purge & Trash
7. Find places for treasures that really matter

Clear the decks Declutter and depersonalize

Deep clean:
Kitchen and bathrooms should sparkle!

Arrange rooms with a purpose:
Arrange furniture for function, and traffic flow.